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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Look Look Look

Look at that, dad
What is that?
It's blazing through the dark sky
It goes WHOOSH! like a lightning without a sound

That is shooting star
My young astronaut

Look at that, dad
What is that?
From billions of stars they form a picture
It looks like a lion for some reason

That is a zodiac called Leo
A name of you

Look at that, dad
What is that?
It shines like a star but it is not blue or white
It shines red in colour, I wonder why

That might be a planet called Mars
My little one

Look at that, dad
What is that?
I feel so tired but I want to know first
What is behind the clouds it looks like my toenail

That is a moon of a crescent shape
Now, goodnight my little sage