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Monday, April 25, 2011

"Rhymes with Utopia"


All are rhymes with that

All are rhymes with that

Rob ya
Choke ya
Love ya
U.S slangs that rhymes

Pwn ya
Hold ya
Drove ya
Let's stop with this rhymes

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Look Look Look

Look at that, dad
What is that?
It's blazing through the dark sky
It goes WHOOSH! like a lightning without a sound

That is shooting star
My young astronaut

Look at that, dad
What is that?
From billions of stars they form a picture
It looks like a lion for some reason

That is a zodiac called Leo
A name of you

Look at that, dad
What is that?
It shines like a star but it is not blue or white
It shines red in colour, I wonder why

That might be a planet called Mars
My little one

Look at that, dad
What is that?
I feel so tired but I want to know first
What is behind the clouds it looks like my toenail

That is a moon of a crescent shape
Now, goodnight my little sage

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Valentine #1

How wonderful you are under this blue moonlight
In your white dress matches your blonde hair
Your blue eyes shines like a starlight.

How beautiful you are, no words can explain
I can only say you are beautiful in many ways
If compared you to summer's glory, you win

How people look at you is not how I look at you
You make me soaring to the infinite sky
This is how felt for you, my silver moon

Be my queen and we will rule the world
Be my dream that come true
Be my valentine and we will start the fireworks

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If I Die

If I die,
Tell the world I'll die.

If I die,
Don't tell them why.

If I die,
Don't think of me.

If I die,
Don't tease me.

If I die,
I want to be in a Black Parade.

If I die,
I want to dream all the way.

If I die,
Don't try to awaken me.

If I die,
Don't lose any of our property.

If I die,
Just carry on.

If I die,
Find your new love.

If I die,
Pay of what I've owe.

If I die,
Just let me go.

If I die,
Keep moving forward.

If I die,
Don't lose to others.

If I die,
Pray for me always.

If I die,
Don't cry for me.

For I have lived,
In both good and bad ways.

If I die,
Become my trophy.

Because when I die,
I die happy.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lose or Win?

if you lose, you'll get money
if you win, you'll get nothing
lose or win?
kings and queens
are waiting
...excited to see you live
in a game full of opposites
it's give or take them all
lose or win them all
your choices are small
you can't do them both

Monday, February 7, 2011

When I Walked Out The Door

Everything in here was once the best thing
Then from time to time I became bored with it

The television that tells stories from over the world
Are playback with the same theme, same line, different players

The music I heard was full of soul, meaningful, decorated with beautiful words
But now I don't even know what's the message from the wrecked tunes

Somehow, I want to get out of here to create something new
Because the new things they made is like a reboot

It's okay to do something from the old perspective
At least make it better through your own perspective

So when I walked out the door, I hope
The world is sky blue and full of life with ocean songs

When I walked out the door, my friends
Always supporting me to infinitely dense

When I walked out the door, my world
I'll be your enemy because of my 'absurd'

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is It My Lucky Day?

Is it my lucky day,
If I rode on a bike to the mosque for pray,
Suddenly, fell from my bike and hit on the ground with my forehead,
Then, found a ten ringgit under my injured leg?

Is it my lucky day,
When I met some gangsters accidentally,
Asking me money and started hitting me,
Then, a police car passed by and scared the men away?

Is it my lucky day,
That I didn't get to the mosque because the cops drove me to the clinic nearby a lake,
The doctor treated my wounds from my feet to my head,
Then, gave me a handful of candies on the way back home?

Is it my lucky day,
If I forgot my bike?
...I guess, not....