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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If I Die

If I die,
Tell the world I'll die.

If I die,
Don't tell them why.

If I die,
Don't think of me.

If I die,
Don't tease me.

If I die,
I want to be in a Black Parade.

If I die,
I want to dream all the way.

If I die,
Don't try to awaken me.

If I die,
Don't lose any of our property.

If I die,
Just carry on.

If I die,
Find your new love.

If I die,
Pay of what I've owe.

If I die,
Just let me go.

If I die,
Keep moving forward.

If I die,
Don't lose to others.

If I die,
Pray for me always.

If I die,
Don't cry for me.

For I have lived,
In both good and bad ways.

If I die,
Become my trophy.

Because when I die,
I die happy.

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