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Monday, February 7, 2011

When I Walked Out The Door

Everything in here was once the best thing
Then from time to time I became bored with it

The television that tells stories from over the world
Are playback with the same theme, same line, different players

The music I heard was full of soul, meaningful, decorated with beautiful words
But now I don't even know what's the message from the wrecked tunes

Somehow, I want to get out of here to create something new
Because the new things they made is like a reboot

It's okay to do something from the old perspective
At least make it better through your own perspective

So when I walked out the door, I hope
The world is sky blue and full of life with ocean songs

When I walked out the door, my friends
Always supporting me to infinitely dense

When I walked out the door, my world
I'll be your enemy because of my 'absurd'

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