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Sunday, January 16, 2011

If I Were A Superhero

If I were Batman
I'll be living in a dark cave, full of little mammal-flying friends
All kinds of gadgets from a cool utility belt, I'll have
The problem is: People scared to be my friend because of my dark image

If I were Superman
I am far the strongest than any living men
I have laser beam, x-ray vision, and people love my heroic cape
But one problem: With kryptonites around the world, I don't think I can survive even a little amount of it

If I were Spider-Man
I'm as popular as in the Spider-Man:Trilogy the movie
Kids love my style, and I made good webslinger
But then, the mayor will need my help: To clean the city with all the webs I made

You see, it's okay to be somebody
But it's better to be who we are
Everyone has its greatnesses, everyone has its weaknesses
We all will be superheroes one day, and this time for real

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