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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sorry For Weeks With No Poems

(The title was supposed to be "Brain-washed", but because I have been delayed from blogging...well, that's why)

It seem as if I slept for weeks
Though my shoulders felt so stiff
Have I been sleepwalking every night?
Or did somebody hit me while I was sleeping through the night?

I woke up like every morning I would do
And thought it is Wednesday since yesterday was Tuesday of 18th
But when I saw the calendar I was completely shock
It is Monday of 24th!!! How can that possibly happening?!

I tried to remember what was going on
I can't believe I overslept that long
Without drink and food, I thought I would've been starving
After that long sleep but I never feel hungry

I remember I was brainwashed
By some maniac who talked about world domination
I thought it was just a dream but my mind felt so sure
But I don't care about it since nothing wrong happened today
I should just forget about that
Because I don't want to be end up in the cell full of maniacs

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