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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Starting New Life in A Cyber World

This is my very first blog
And for now I'm only write a poem
For each and every day
Anytime, anywhere, always
Unless if I skip a day or two
Meaning I'm on a cruise
To find something unique and nostalgia
To write, to show how it is apart of my agendas

I'm starting a new life in a new world
Not because I hate my miserable world
I still love the people not only relatives and friends
I want to seek light of expectations on this land
For I have heard of good things it'll bring to my world
As long as no one abuse its precious minerals
Like that one time a homeless man
Only take a day to be a famous man
For his golden voice was such a surprise
Thousands of radio stations aiming him high
No longer a homeless man around your road
He is a man of God-gifted voice on your radio

That is all I can say for today
I hope you enjoy my introduction on this day
Maybe tomorrow or soon you'll hear more from me
A poet who's dream is in reach
There are a lot of things to do in this cyber world
I hope you will keep following me with my poems
Because I might have a poem just for someone like you
Or for any people you care, I'll do too

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